“My name is Mike Krieger, and I’m the co-founder of Instagram and its former CTO. My wife and I sought out Ariel for personal training services, starting a year and a half ago. We were particularly excited to find Ariel since she brought a combination of energetic workouts with a deep understanding of the human body and overall fitness. The improvements in my overall strength and form have been noticeable, ranging from becoming more proficient at pull-ups to steadily increasing my deadlifts and other weight exercises. Beyond just strength, though, Ariel has helped me understand how to think about my physical fitness holistically and long-term.  I’ve recommended Ariel to other friends and would absolutely recommend her for her personal training services.”

– Mike K.

Working with Ariel has been a huge improvement on my overall health and well-being. I started working with Ariel 8-months postpartum after the birth of my first child. Prior to my pregnancy, I was an active runner and yogi, and regularly worked on core strength. After pregnancy, my core was basically destroyed and had some pelvic floor dysfunction. Ariel helped me rehab my core in such a thoughtful way, and now I’m feeling so much better and stronger (stronger than I was before pregnancy!). I thought my stomach would look perpetually pregnant, and not only do I feel like I have my old stomach and pelvic floor back, I get regular compliments on how I look.

As a former athlete, Ariel has also handled my rehab with empathy and support. I was so frustrated with taking things slow, but also knew that if I pushed too hard it might set me back. Ariel has just the right level of enthusiasm and celebrates my wins. She’s able to make significant progress with me even though I’m only seeing her once a week with my working-mom schedule. My partner and I have also benefited from Ariel’s nutritional coaching services, as she’s helped us find clean and filling meals that can be prepped in an hour and last all week.  I’m so thankful to have started working with Ariel, and look forward to working with her for many years to come.”

– Laura H.

“Ariel is an amazing trainer. She doesn’t let you get away with anything which is exactly what a person needs in a trainer! I told her at the beginning that I was primarily focused on dynamic body weight exercises that focused on core strength. Who knew there were so many hundreds of ways to whip my butt. She has a great understanding of anatomy and always checks in to see how the body is feeling and recommends perfect movements to relieve tension and knots. 5 stars.”

– Claire H.

“Ariel was my personal trainer at Equinox in SF for close to a year. I worked with her 2-3 times per week. She is an excellent motivator and planner and ensured we had a new and different workout each session, individually planned to help meet my goals, and challenging me to continue to progress towards them. She was always on time with a smile on her face and was focused on me and ensuring we maximized our time together. She frequently added in tips about nutrition and additional workout options and really practiced what she preached. Ariel is serious and committed to what she does, but is fun and interesting as well. I moved to Southern California and miss her greatly!! I highly recommend Ariel to anyone looking for an overall health coach who can help you achieve your personal goals.”

– Lisa L.

“Ariel is a superb trainer, a very smart person and a great human being. She was very good at keeping our sessions focused and challenging, but entertaining and varied at the same time. I don’t consider myself an avid gym-goer, yet I found working with Ariel very gratifying and effective. In a nutshell: she’s the best.”

– Juan P.

“Ariel kicked my ass and I liked it. I’m a female in my mid-thirties who was looking to tone up and feel in better shape. I’m busy and prioritizing workouts can be hard for me, so making the best use of my time is super important. That’s one of the things that impresses me the most about working with Ariel– how time-efficient her workouts are. She knows her stuff and caters her workouts to your body type and goals. I’m someone who gets bored easily but Ariel definitely switches it up enough and keeps you on your toes. Ariel helps me feel and look my best. And the best part is that Ariel is someone you will always look forward to seeing. She’s an awesome person, great attitude, and will push you just the right amount. I am so grateful for her!

– Lauren R.

I must admit that I am someone who hated exercise. But Ariel has helped me since the start of my journey. My goal was just to have fun and be able to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I thought that it would take me months to be able to do so. WRONG. Ariel has taught me step by step, little by little that I actually enjoy every session with her! I love how she has made me feel at ease. On top of being such a great trainer, she’s also very knowledgeable in nutrition. Ask her anything, you won’t be disappointed!”

– Jasmine P.

“I have trained with several trainers in the past and Ariel has been my favorite! I started training with her 6 months before my wedding and she helped me get in perfect shape for the big day. She takes a holistic approach to fitness and focuses on my problem areas, often doing research outside of our sessions to figure out the best exercises to help me improve my agility and strength. She is also very organized and keeps track of my fitness level and progress. I highly recommend her!”

– Pia C.

“Ariel is an amazing trainer. I have been going to gyms all my life and know my way around weight machines but she has me doing exercises that work muscle groups that I have been neglecting. Some days are more difficult than others in terms of making it and finding motivation to exercise but after our session starts I am completely engaged and feel that she is great at motivating me to give a 100% effort every time. I fully recommend her to meet all of your fitness goals and have yourself a fun time working out too.”

– Dan R.

“Ariel is an awesome trainer and is very dedicated to her clients. She doesn’t see you as just a person she trains. She actually cares about clients and builds a strong rapport with them. She’s extremely personable and caring. I love working out with her and she really does everything to help you achieve your fitness goals. Ariel will literally be your biggest cheerleader! I definitely recommend her services!”

– Ilana P.

“Ariel and I clicked right off the bat. She has a very personable and professional demeanor that makes her enjoyable to train with. She curated a plan that met my needs and knew when to push me harder without scaring me away. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

– Christine H.